Writers ask me “what do you do there in that little red schoolhouse?” Here is the quick answer. We are a writing workshop with many writing sections. And we have a method —  a method that works. We also provide support services to writers such author events, storytelling, informational evenings, an editorial services company, and a publishing imprint. Please have a look at each page of our websites and sign up for our email newsletter. Editorial and publishing support available at The Editing Company.com. Thanks, Tish

NEW CLASS TO BE GIVEN FOR SPRING/SUMMER STARTING JUNE 1ST  The Write Yourself Free Method. You will get an introduction and overview into the essential logic and processes of the Write Yourself Free method. Ideas and rationales revealed as a progressive, consistent story-like explanation so that the conceptual keys will set firmly in your understanding. Unlike the usual writing workshops, each two hour seminar will focus exclusively on method, giving top-down explanations and using bottom-up exercises in every class.



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