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Write Yourself Free is a creative writing workshop housed in a 19th century carriage house in downtown Westport, Ct. Co-founders, Tish Fried and Patrick Our StoreMcCord, PhD, are committed to excellence in writing instruction and in creating a lively and informative community for writers. Classes are student-centric – students develop critical writing skills through positive reinforcement.

“I own at least fifty books espousing the secrets of writing, and I recently earned my MFA in writing. Yet, I am mesmerized by the fresh insight, wisdom, and inspiration of the series of lectures by Patrick McCord. He has much to say and much to convey, and I want to hear it all.” -Kristin Quisgard

NEW INTRO SECTION ADDED: Wednesday Evenings with Patrick McCord and FREE Workshop with Patrick, Thursday, January 29th, 7pm. Email to register

Kiss Kiss Bang Bank flyerFilm Series with The Bijou. Next up is RUN LOLA RUN,  Sunday, February 15, 5pm. $15 MORE INFO HERE



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