Teaching writers in Fairfield County since 2007

Write Yourself Free is a boutique writers' studio based in Norwalk Connecticut.  Established in 2007(???) we bring extensive, proven experience to our field and can boast a wealth of published (and unpublished) authors.

We offer a variety of writing classes including novel and short story, memoir, screen writing, play writing and creative non fiction.

Editing services are also available for completed works.  

Here at Write Yourself Free, our teachers are educated in Patrick McCord's Cognitive Method for teaching.  The Cognitive Method is a whole system of thinking that is, in most ways, radically different from the way "Creative Writing Workshops" are traditionally taught. As a system, there are some foundational ideas and skills on which more complicated concepts are built. 

Our method for teaching narrative writing uses cognitive science as a basis. Basing instruction and paradigms on neurology and cognitive psychology---research and hard data---we can dispense with the usual (you'll pardon the expression) confusing hokum.

Human beings are genetically disposed to use story models as the basis for language, for understanding the self, and for creating models of the way the world works; however, the traditional way we think of "story as a structure"---from Aristotle to Robert McKee---is neither very accurate nor necessarily the best way to teach story writing.

Let Patrick and his team help you turn your idea into a piece of work you can be proud of.




Suite 107
8 Norden Place
Norwalk, CT 06855




(203) 644 6129


Patrick is a brilliant teacher who will help you to unlock the talent within. I have written three books, one of which was acquired by HarperCollins this year.”
— Lynne Constantine - The Last Mrs Parrish