The Write Yourself Free method of teaching works. 


Bill Dedman

"I’d tell anyone: Patrick can help improve your book. He was a great friend and adviser to “Empty Mansions,” helping us discover the themes, develop the characters, and find an organization for the overlapping storylines of Huguette Clark and her family. He’s the plot whisperer."

Pulitizer prize-winner and co-author, Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune.


Charlotte Rogan

“Soon after I moved to Westport from Texas, I had the good fortune to meet Patrick McCord and watch him interact with writers of all levels of experience. Whether the subject was plot, character, sentence construction, or the writing process, Patrick could articulate in a couple of sentences things it took me years to figure out. And that’s only the beginning of what you will find in this warm and wonderful community of writers.”

Bestselling author, The Lifeboat.

Wendy Kann.jpg

Wendy Kann 

"Patrick’s screenwriting classes are brilliant at illuminating the bones of story-telling no matter what kind of writing you do.  All those slippery issues like genre, character, dialog, story-arc, etc. are infinitely clearer in the movies.  In fact, even non-writers curious about the gears and levers behind screen-magic would love these Saturday morning sessions."

Author, Casting with a Fragile Thread

CHris Friden.jpg

Chris Friden

"The best thing you can do for your writing is take a class with Patrick. He will open your eyes to the experience of writing, revision, and reading. I have attended numerous conferences, attended many critique groups, and written for TV and Creative Directed most of my life, and nothing has had more impact than Patrick’s approach and mindfulness. His classes are for all levels. No matter how seasoned you are or how developed your novel, you will benefit from his instruction."
Lynne Constantine.jpg

Lynne Constantine

"When I first signed up for a course at Write Yourself Free, I had written one book, and was working on my second. Sitting around the table with Patrick McCord, and five other writers, I began my journey to finding my voice. Every week, each of us shared a piece of writing, then waited for feedback from Patrick and each other.  Patrick listened like no one had ever listened before. His observations were keen and his suggestions spot on. 
Over a period of two years, I learned more from Patrick about point of view, the story world, character driven narrative, and the embodiment of the written word than I had from all the other workshops, courses, and seminars I had attended combined. But I learned more than just technical skills. I learned how to hone my voice, to trust my instincts, and to measure the advice of others with a well developed understanding of what to keep and what to leave. Patrick is a brilliant teacher who will help you to unlock the talent within. I have since written three more books, one of which was acquired by HarperCollins this year." 

Acquired by Harper Collins earlier this year for a significant advance. Lynne's agent is currently in the process of brokering a movie deal for the book.

Charles Stafford.jpg

Charles Stafford

“In Patrick McCord’s Master Class, you won’t just grind out writing prompt after writing prompt, hoping to improve. You’ll get a blueprint for building your story ideas, at the same time you’ll let go of the old habits that inhibit or paralyze you.”

Author, The Seven Deadlies


Nicky Baker

"For any aspiring writers out there, I couldn't recommend the crazy, brilliant, inspiring people at Write Yourself Free in Westport more highly. If any of you have an unwritten novel, memoir, poem, short story or even just a perfect paragraph buzzing around inside your head trying to find a way out, Patrick is the one to help you find it. And then… his editing is brilliant.”