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Winter Semester

We are now enrolling for our Winter Semester which starts on January 8th, 2018.  All our class offerings can be found HERE.  Limited availability.

Revision Workshop - January 20th
A one day workshop to learn the fundamental difference between drafting and revision.  Not only will this class save you time as you revise, but it will allow you to be more creative in your drafting as you acquire tools to separate the two processes.  Lunch will be provided.
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Dialog Workshop - February 3rd
A one day workshop to learn to write in your character's voices, to know what they want to say. Dialog is a great way to move scenes along without explaining.  Speaking in stories is not like speaking in life: discover the difference.  Lunch will be provided.
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Couples Writing - Valentine's Day
The perfect date night for literary couples. Learn and play writing games that couples can use to stimulate their writing.
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The True, The Just, and The Beautiful - February 24th
Join Patrick for a lesson into the mind's categories.  For the intellectually curious.  
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