You were born to think in stories.

Forget the popular myths about writer’s block, “the author-genius,” publishing, or the pain of creativity; you can write better, faster incorporating fundamental story concepts into your practice: if you want to be a better writer, think the way that great writers think. There is a difference.

The Cognitive (SM) Method is unlike other workshops; in our classes you not only write new work weekly, you learn how the writer’s mind works. We offer a structured series of lessons based on cognitive neurology, evolutionary theory, and philosophy of mind that will build a solid foundation of writing skills.

All humans have story-telling minds; it comes our DNA; unfortunately, your basic talent can be distorted or even neutralized by bad training and criticism. Get back to your own story-telling basics and experience yourself as a Writer Protagonist; set aside worries about Inspiration, grammar, audience, the Hero’s Journey, three act structure, agents, and selling the rights to the screenplay. Writing should be pleasurable and in your conscious control.

Think like a writer.

Writing Class and Narrative Workshops with Patrick McCord, PhD.