Promptfest - April 21st - 10 am - 1 pm


Promptfest - April 21st - 10 am - 1 pm


Saturday, April 21st

10:00 am - 1:00 pm




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Your imagination is like a muscle: it benefits from exercise and stretching. A regular program of imaginary play is just the thing to tone up for ongoing and upcoming writing challenges. 

In the Cognitive Method, one of our favorite brain yoga methods is the prompted freewrite. Getting a prompt---a specific writing task---and then having to write fast to develop at least the start of a story. 

Ideally, we should all do a couple writing prompts every day just to stay in shape, but where do prompts come from? Are some better than others? Is there a strategy for constructing good prompts to stretch your imagination and not just result in the usual bag of tricks?

OK, leading question, but this seminar will not only give in-class writing prompts, we will learn how to keep a writing journal organized around the essential aspects of story that will assist you in coming up with daily writing prompts yourself. 

Your tuition will include not just instruction in how to think about prompts, but also coffee/tea, snack and an A5 size dot-grid journal which we will begin to organize for your future writing notes and prompts. And a free pen, fountain or roller, your choice of colors and styles.