Full manuscript services. The Editing Company is dedicated to discovering new ways to support the word written or spoken in an Internet Age. It was founded in our effort to help writers discover their best writing selves and to demystify the writing and publishing process.  We have top editors, Michele Rubin and Patrick McCord.

"I’d tell anyone: Patrick can help improve your book. He was a great friend and adviser to “Empty Mansions,” helping us discover the themes, develop the characters, and find an organization for the overlapping storylines of Huguette Clark and her family. He’s the plot whisperer." -   Bill Dedman, co-author, -    “Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune.”


Book proposals are a step many mass-market writers should consider before attempting a full-length manuscript. We can assist you entering the marketplace with an organized, compelling, and well-researched proposal that presents your idea or manuscript as a publishable project.


We're with you the whole journey, from putting words on a page, through classes and producing a manuscript, editing, revising, as well as helping you with your publishing journey, whether you go the route of traditional or self publishing.