Need Some One-on-One Time?

Classes just not quite enough for you? Don't have the time to make it to classes but still need the writing lessons and guidance?  Get some individualized attention and feedback on your writing or on a particular project. Sign up for a tutorial with Patrick, our resident Writing Doctor. 


No time for classes? We've got the solution...

Schedule a few sessions with Patrick one-on-one at a time of your convenience. Bring in  your writing and get hands-on attention to bring your work to the next level. 

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Further Editorial Assistance

See The Editing Company page. We offer full manuscript services whether its a short story, one chapter, or an entire manuscript. Two top editors on staff. 


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Skype: not just anytime, but anywhere

Can't come to classes because you've moved, or maybe you don't live in the area? Register for a Skype tutorial, and schedule a time with Patrick. Just send your work via email and let the web work with you.