Being a Writer, Part Three: Autumn, The Best Time for Resolutions

Autumn, not New Years, is the best time for resolutions. 
If If you---the Writer Protagonist---are intending  on improving your writing, here's the thought experiment for you: What is the next smallest writing-step that you can (and will) take? 

For some of us, that could be starting on the novel, or for others, it could be that you need to take a class, to write very brief scenes, some dialog, get your character protagonist shouting... A small, doable, step you can complete. 

Or, most simply, as I'm going to recommend to S when I reach out to her (I can't just let her disappear, can I?), is carry the notebook. Just carry it. We all can and should get a notebook and resolve to take it everywhere. Annie Lamott said, “Ok, sometimes you don’t need the whole notebook, but two 5x7 note cards, folded in half and tucked into your back pocket are undetectable, but ready to be written on with that golf pencil which is just as undetectable in your front pocket. And if you’re ready to write, you’ll write!”

However, about that golf pencil... I also recommend getting a pen that feels good to write with. Clip it on so everyone can see it. Pull it out to sign the credit card chit or to write a shopping list in your notebook. Fiddle with your pen when you're on the phone. Doodle. Another cognitive tidbit, doodling helps you think, but more importantly...  Remember: "What you put into your hand, you put into your heart." 

So get energized with the change in the weather.
1) if you're always ready to write, you'll start to think, "I'm a writer";
2) if you think you're a writer, you'll write more;
3) if you're writing more, you'll get to be a better writer faster;
4) if you're handwriting in a cute lil' notebook, what you're really doing is, like Picasso and Vinnie, is sketching. You're practicing. You're doing it for the love of it.
[Quoted line is from the movie Witness. Oscar for Best Original Screenplay by William Keeley, Pamela Wallace, and Earl K. Wallace.]