National Fountain Pen Day 2017

Friday, November 3, as part of the kick off for NANOWRIMO, we celebrate National Fountain Pen Day. Why a fountain pen? During a break in your NANOWRIMO drafting process, watch this amazing VIDEO.

You get to see what a humble genius looks like and why handwriting is a special form of communication. It’s inspirational. And in parts, amazing!

Personally, I love fountain pens. They’re simple but elegant devices. You needn’t be afraid of Old Technology, embrace it! If you want to get an excellent starter pen, go to the bottom of our homepage and click on the Pen Chalet logo, and shop for “Nemosine Singularity” pen. For about $20, you can get an excellent pen in a variety of colors and different nib sizes. You’ll get a discount, too. [I don’t get a kickback; I just really like that pen and Pen Chalet has it currently discounted and they give excellent customer service.] While you’re there, pick up a bottle of Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses or Robert Oster Bondi Blue ink. Fun-to-write-with colors.

Other inspirational news this week: Nicky Baker is finishing the memoir she started in our classes, but this Sunday, she’s getting published in The Sunday Times’ excellent Modern Love feature. You must check it out. Touching, insightful. It’s a beautiful rendition of that most difficult form, the elegy. It’s just a foretaste of her excellent memoir.

Recognizing what they had - 20 years too late - Nicky Baker

Also published this week, a very different memoir that I helped get through some drafting phases last year before my hip infection rendered me a puddle of pain.  Here’s what Newsweek had to say:

Unjustifiable Means, by Mark Fallon. After 9/11, [Fallon] was NCIS chief investigator of the DOD Criminal Investigation Task Force, which gathered evidence to prosecute terrorism suspects in Guantánamo Bay. Given Fallon’s insider background, his book may be an incredibly important account of the policy failures that damaged our national security….

Those of us able to pay attention to national politics know that GITMO is heating up again, as is the national appetite for torture. Mark is a bona fide national hero, and in this time of ethical sogginess among American leadership, he’s an exemplar of a man who can stay morally and ethically strong when those with power are conforming and cowardly.

Get writing! Keep reading!