Write Yourself Better

A protagonist: a person who knows s/he wants something badly enough to fight for it. As working definitions go, that’s not bad; and it’s all about the fight, the effort, the commitment.

If you want to fight for something, you either believe you deserve it or that it’s morally right. If you do fight for something, it's foremost in your intentions; you exert planning, effort, and you will have a defining experience of yourself in real terms. (Reality’s the pay off for every interesting protagonist.)

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Being a Writer, Part One: Small, Doable Changes

As the weather changes, we get energized.

Fall is the best time to introduce a new habit. Since you are reading this, the chances are good you have an intention regarding writing. That is your inner Writer Protagonist calling you to action.

So about that protagonistic intention you have... I’m going to stop you before you say, “to start writing that novel/screenplay/memoir.”

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